Best Mets Ugly Sweater

The team needs no formal introduction from us! They have established a commendable place for themselves in some of the best baseball teams of all time. 

We know the fandom is very large for the Mets and if you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are you two are a part of it. 

Well, what better way to cheer for your favorite team than by wearing ugly Mets sweaters? 

We did the work, now here are some of our best picks a Mets Ugly Sweater.

Our Top Picks For NY Mets Ugly Sweaters

Top New York Mets Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Best New York Mets Women’s Ugly Sweaters

Best New York Mets Men’s Ugly Sweaters

Reviews Of The Best Mets Ugly Sweaters

Why shouldn’t you get to show support for your favorite baseball team during the holiday season? 

Holidays are all about celebrating so you should feel confident in doing the same for your national sport.

Mets Forever Collectible

Get your holiday season started right with the perfect sweater!

The Mets Ugly Christmas Sweater, A.K.A ‘The Forever Collectible,’ is fit for any party and makes a great gift for that baseball fanatic in your life!

With an awesome NY-themed design, ribbed cuff, and waistband that provides a comfortable secure fit to make it look as authentic as possible, you’ll have people saying “Merry Christmas!” before they even know what’s happening – or where this sweater came from.

Please note it is not a traditional knitted sweater, but made of polyester.

The Mets Dominate Every Block on Christmas

Hey, if you’re into the colorful and over-decorated ugly sweaters, we got you! This ugly beauty not only showcases in bold letters the Mets logo and name, but it also has pine cones and snowflakes; perfect for Christmas!

Mets Meet Candy

It’s Merry Met-mas! This is the perfect sweater for embodying the joyous occasion of the Christmas celebration along with letting all know you are a Mets person!

Click here to check out this sweater!

Mets Christmas Sweater Short Sleeve Shirt

Who feels like wearing a sweater for the holidays?

We know it’s not for everyone. Especially those year-long vacationers who say they live and work in Florida.

This year you can all celebrate in style with this New York Mets Ugly Sweater Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee in Men’s and Women’s sizes!

A Mets Gal

There should be no confusion to anyone that you’re a Mets kinda gal; this sweater conveys the message perfectly in the huge logo imprint and the brand colors!

Basically, Mets

This is the perfect basic and minimal design for the man who shies away from color, but does not shy away from expressing his support!

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