Best Inappropriate Ugly Sweaters

They say that life is a whole lot more fun if you have a dirty mind. It is insanely true. Whereas you can’t be risqué in every conversation taking place in every setting, you always can have a little laugh here and there especially with likeminded people. This holiday season, we want you to celebrate your cheeky sides by donning one of the following hilariously inappropriate sweaters. They are so bad that they are good, don’t believe us? Try them for yourselves.

  1. Nature Called Santa
  2. Santa Being a Ho Ho Ho
  3. Santa’s Whale Tale
  4. Santa’s Gift
  5. The Flashing Snowman
  6. “Not That Carrot!”
  7. “Drinks Are On Me, Literally”
  8. Beer Pong

Buyer’s Guide:

This article has some of the funniest ugly sweaters in the market as of now. The basic idea for you is to have fun with these babies to bring smiles wherever you go. They are perfect for parties!

What to know before buying:

The intention behind this compilation is pure entertainment and nothing else; these sweaters are not meant to offend anyone’s sentiments or values. Moreover these are only suitable if you plan on being in an adult gathering.

Inappropriate Ugly Sweaters- Santa Edition:

Santa Claus is human too (kind of), and like all of us he too wants to be wild at times. It’s 2021, it is time we accept Santa’s expression.

1.   Nature Called Santa

The man literally travels the globe to deliver presents to all of your ungrateful asses. It is only natural that he will sometimes have to be, you know, “natural”. Give him five before the next stop. 

2.   Santa Being a Ho Ho Ho

Santa was a young man too once. He definitely had many flames before he met Mrs. Clause. Too bad one of them was your mom!

3.   Santa’s Whale Tale

So the man has a thing for women’s underwear, that isn’t as uncommon as you would think it to be. Maybe this is his kink. Accept him.

4.   Santa’s Gift

Oh this one is very naughty! Santa brings gifts for adults too, evidently. Do you know anyone who would be interested in his package?

Inappropriate Ugly Sweaters- Snowman Edition:

Snow men are men too. Need we say more?

1.   The Flashing Snowman

This right here is an interactive sweater, the interaction being that your accomplices get to lift the cloth to see the snow man’s carrot. Fun.

2.   “Not That Carrot!”

Hey Deer! Steer clear of that shear, for it is very dear to the man and losing it would cause fear! Sorry you had to read that.

Bonus Entry:

Inappropriate sweaters are so much superior to regular old boring “decent” sweaters. Of course we have a bonus entry to give you some more magic.

1.   “Drinks Are On Me, Literally”

If you show up to the Christmas party with a bottle in your stocking, you know you have won and asserted your dominance successfully.

2.   Beer Pong

Don’t have beer pong equipment? Not to worry for you ARE the equipment. It comes with “ping pong” balls as well. “Look ma, I’m a table!”

Welp. Here we are fellas. Have you found the sweater? If you ask us, we don’t know how you’ll buy just one. Happy holidays to you!

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