Best Star Trek Ugly Sweaters

We don’t need to formally introduce Star Trek to anyone. It is one of the most famous fictional stories of all time, transcending generations at this point! If you happen to be a nerd for Star Trek, or you have grown a fondness towards it after watching the Big Bang Theory, you might be interested in finding a Star Trek themed ugly sweater. If you are, you are at the right place, friend. Keep on reading!

  1. Spock
  2. Christmas Tree
  3. Spaceship
  4. We Only Speak Klingon in This House
  5. Engage Christmas
  6. Merry Trekmas
  7. Make it Snow!

Buyer’s Guide:

Although there aren’t too many traditional “sweaters” when it comes to Star Trek themed merch, we still have compiled a very decent list of options for everyone!

What you need to know before buying:

The items in this list can be worn by anyone no matter what gender you identify with or even if you don’t associate yourself to any one particular gender.

Star Trek Ugly Sweaters: Trek the Halls!

We found a couple of sweaters with a very fun play on the words, “deck the halls” in accordance with the Star Trek franchise. If you want to trek the Halls, fear no more.

1.  Spock

We don’t think the Star Trek story would be as endearing and popular as it is if it weren’t for Spock’s character. Perhaps it is safe to say he is the people’s favourite.

2.  Christmas Tree

Here you have a classic Christmas tree but if you notice it, the shape appears to be of the Starship so commonly observed throughout the show.

3. Spaceship

If you want to keep all things about the spaceship or the Starship to keep it accurate in this context, this is the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for you.

Star Trek Ugly Sweaters: Klingon Edition

Is Star Trek actually Star Trek without the mention of Klingon? We hardly think so.

1.  We Only Speak Klingon in This House

If you have mastered Klingon, you need this sweater to assert your dominance during the holidays so that people know better than to mess with your brain.

Star Trek Ugly Sweaters: Christmas Edition

If you’re a Star Trek fan, what better way is there for you to wish people Christmas than by donning one of these beauties?

1. Engage Christmas

You heard the captain, engage Christmas right away or be prepared to face your punishment. Sorry but that’s the law.

2. Merry Trekmas

Wishing people a merry Christmas is mainstream, try changing things a notch by wishing them a merry Trekmas this time around.

Bonus Edition:

Star Trek had to have a bonus edition, it is legendary after all, no?

1.   Make it Snow!

Sir Patrick Stewart as Jean-luc Picard, the man himself is on this beautiful sweater. This is the ultimate ode to the ultimate franchise if you ask us!

Here we are at the end of our journey through space. Choose the best sweater for yourself and may you live long and prosper in it! 

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