Best Steelers Ugly Sweaters

Do we have any Pittsburgh Steelers fans here? That would explain why you happened to stumble upon this article. Or maybe you are just looking for nice clothes. Well whatever it is, we’re glad you found us! If you happen to be looking out for some good traditional ugly sweaters with the Steelers theme, you are in luck, friend. Read on ahead and find yourself the perfect ugly sweater to wear during the holidays to support your favorite team! You can also give some to your friends who might be fans in case you yourself aren’t big on the Steelers.

  1. The Busy Block
  2. Classic Patterns
  3. Cardigan
  4. Classic Patterns Again
  5. Sweater Vest
  6. Your Good Ol’ Ugly Sweater
  7. 3D Sweater
  8. Roethlisberger

Steelers Ugly Sweaters for Men:

Men gear up! It’s time to let everyone know that you mean business when you say that you are a Steelers fan.

1.   The Busy Block

Even though this isn’t something you might pick out for a first date, a busy block sweater does have some charm to it, no? If you’re an old school man, grab it!

2.   Classic Patterns

Classic patterns never go out of style, do they? This is the perfect choice for you if you want to return to the classic sweaters.

Steelers Ugly Sweaters for Women:

For our female fans, these are the options for you!

1.   Cardigan

We love a good cardigan, and this one has the Steelers logo on it! Grab it if you like to keep things simple.

2.   Classic Patterns Again

Just like the one above for men, this one is for the ladies who have a soft spot for the classics.

Steelers Ugly Sweaters-Big Logo:

We know some of you like big bold statements and if the statement is that you support the Steelers with all your hearts then boy do we have good news!

1.   Sweater Vest

When did we forget all about sweater vests? Sure they may not be the most stylish option, but they sure are comfy!

2.   Your Good Ol’ Ugly Sweater

Point of view: old school classic ugly sweater. Need we say more? What? You already bought it? dang you’re fast.

Steelers Ugly Sweaters for Christmas:

Who says you can’t bring sports to Christmas?

3D Sweater

Look at this magnificence. We dare you to find an uglier Steelers sweater. The 3D stockings are just too good a touch.

Bonus Entry:

We had to save the best for the bonus entry.


Can one even be a Steelers fan without being a Roethlisberger fan? The answer is no, so here you have it.

This is the end of the list but the beginning of your shopping journey. Which one is your favorite? Happy holidays in advance you all! 

Buyer’s Guide:

We have found some amazing sweater collections for Steelers fans out there. If you happen to be looking for good “ugly” sweaters for the winter season, stop your search!

What you need to know before buying:

The classification of the sweaters in this list is purely based on the dressing norms observed these days; in no way are we suggesting anyone should conform to it. feel free to purchase anything out of the list.

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