Best Black Santa Ugly Sweaters

It is so weird how anything popular ever made, especially fictional concepts, always feature white people. Who gets to decide the skin color of make-belief people?! We have made it so normalized to see white skin everywhere around us that it doesn’t bother many people. The truth is that the world is made up of so many beautiful colors, and if we can imagine Santa to be white, we can imagine him to be Black as well, and chances are he was because when have you seen a white man being this giving? Okay that was a joke. Read on ahead to see some cool Black Santa pieces.

  1. Wink Wink
  2. Reality Check
  3. Peace and Love
  4. Believe!
  5. Believe, But in Red
  6. Effortlessly Cool
  7. Tupac is Santa

Buyer’s Guide:

The items in this list have images of Black Santa on them and the categories are divided according to the base color of the sweaters.

What to know before buying:

It is a great way to promote and accept diversity by challenging accepted norms in society. Fictional characters don’t always have to be white. The articles in this list can be worn by all of you irrespective of your gender identity. Break the norm!

Black Santa Ugly Sweaters – Black Edition:

All of these beautiful sweaters are black in color and they have black Santa on them. Black Excellency for the win!

1.   Wink Wink

It’s the cheeky wink for us. If you have a naughty side to your personality this will be the perfect sweater to wear on Christmas Eve. 

2.   Reality Check

Although a very sad reminder of the dreadful pandemic and the consequential home isolation, it is still a pretty neat sweater to wear for the holidays. Here’s to hoping things get better soon!

3.   Peace and Love

Simple and precise, a clear message with a minimal design. This is the perfect choice for those of you who like to keep on the down low with your clothes.

Black Santa Ugly Sweaters – Green Edition:

This sweater has a green base color and an image of black Santa!

1.   Believe!

If Santa Clause tells you to believe you best believe sir/ma’am. You don’t want to end up on the naughty list, do you?

Black Santa Ugly Sweaters – Red Edition:

These gorgeous sweaters have a red base and have pictures of Black Santa.

1.   Believe, But in Red

Although the same message, here is another color option for you to choose from.

2.   Effortlessly Cool

Plain red background and a single image of Santa’s head with a smile that could melt the coldest of igloos; how smooth is Santa Claus?!

Bonus Entry:

If anyone deserves a bonus entry, it is Santa Claus. The man travels around the globe to give gifts to all of you. Respect him.

1.   Tupac is Santa

No other sweater deserved to be in the bonus category more than the OG Tupac Shakur himself. Can you think of a more fitting black Santa?

The list has ended but your work is yet to begin. This holiday season, make sure to wear a different Santa, one who isn’t only white washed. The world is always short on inclusivity. Happy holidays to you all! 

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