Best Dungeons and Dragons Ugly Sweaters

Even if you have not played it for yourself, you have to be living under a rock to not know what Dungeons and Dragons is. Perhaps one of the most popular board games in America, D&D has been around for over forty years now. We know you nerds would not mind adding some D&D merch to your collection which is why we have found some great holiday sweaters. Wear them when you play during winter time. If you have a friend who loves this game, you know what to get them for Christmas.

Buyer’s Guide:

This article has a collection perfect for D&D fans. Whether you need a cool “ugly” sweater to keep up with Christmas tradition or you need to pay homage to your favorite game, there is something for all here.

What you need to know before buying:

The clothing articles in this list can be worn by anyone irrespective of the gender they identify themselves with. Feel free to choose whatever you like.

Best D&D Ugly Sweaters:

  1. Divination
  2. Evocation
  3. Transmutation
  4. Dragons
  5. D20 Dice
  6. It’s Christmas
  7. I’m Fine
  8. Dungeon Meowster

D&D Ugly Sweaters: The Spells Edition

The best part about this game is that you get to play make-belief and for a brief moment all of your troubles leave you alone. What makes make-belief even better you ask? Spells of course. Check out the following sweaters to add a little magic to your lives.

1.   Divination

If you have an obsession with knowing the unknown or better yet the forgotten, you are a divination kind of person aren’t you?

2.   Evocation

Have you ever wanted to create something out of nothing in order to release enormous power? Yeah, you’re an evocation kinda person.

3.   Transmutation

Look at you wanting to transform things and people around you. Transmutation is your skill set isn’t it?

D&D Ugly Sweaters: Merry Christmas

You are not a fan unless you don a Christmas sweater with D&D featured on it. Sorry but that is the law.

1.   Dragons

Here is a good “ugly” Christmas sweater with a focus on one of the two starring entities of the game; dragons.

2.   D20 Dice

How cool is the d20 dice?! So many endless options thanks to this tiny object. Pay your tribute to the dice by wearing this sweater.

3.   It’s Christmas

A precise message of Merry Christmas never goes out of style. Oh and not to forget the D&D theme.

D&D Ugly Sweaters: Cute Kitties

Although the game features dragons and other scary mythical creatures, we just had to have these adorable sweaters here.

1.   I’m Fine

No cats were harmed during the making of this sweater, we promise.

2.   Dungeon Meowster

Everyone claims to be a Dungeon Master, the actual question is that are you a Dungeon Meowster? Prove it.

Well here we are people! The article has finished but what can begin is your shopping journey. So are you getting one for yourself or for your friends? 

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