Best Dabbing Ugly Sweater

“Now watch me whip, now watch me dab dab!” yes yes, this is not the original version of the song but it might as well be since dabbing has become such common practice all around the globe. We don’t exactly know how it started and more importantly why it became such a sensation, but it sure is a cool feeling to just dab when something awesome happens. Sure you have been dabbing for many years at this point, but have you worn a dab? Well now you will.

  1. Ugly Sweater and Santa Dab
  2. Traditional Design, Untraditional Sweater
  3. Dabbing Around the Christmas Tree
  4.  Have You Seen a Pig Dab?
  5. Snowman Dab
  6. Elf Dab
  7. The Dabbing Gang

Dabbing Ugly Sweaters- Santa Edition:

Santa sweaters are perfect for Christmas parties so we found some with Santa dabbing. Check them out!

1.   Ugly Sweater and Santa Dab

A classic ugly sweater design and it has a picture of the Clause himself attempting the dab. He’s not so bad if you ask us.

2.   Traditional Design, Untraditional Sweater

Here we have for you a sweater that is stitched in a very traditional “ugly” pattern but the Santa dab makes it rather untraditional. Perfect.

3.   Dabbing Around the Christmas Tree

Ain’t no party like a Christmas party cause a Christmas party is where we all dab around the tree. At least that is what happens when you wear this sweater.

Dabbing Ugly Sweaters- The Pig

We found a little piggy dabbing! Have a look.

1.   Have You Seen a Pig Dab?

Have you? We had not but now we all have. This calls for a celebration. I say we have a sweater party.

Dabbing Ugly Sweaters- The Mythical Creatures

If Santa Claus and pigs can dab, then we see no reason why mythical creatures cannot. Here we have some make belief characters attempting the dab quite fabulously.

1.   Snowman Dab

What would you do if you built a snowman during a fine winter morning only to watch it come to life and immediately adopt the dap position? Well until you get to witness it, just make do with this sweater.

2.   Elf Dab

If Santa dabs, his workers dab, sorry but that is how capitalism works. Support the Elves this winter season by choosing them over Santa!

Bonus Entry:

This move is so popular, we felt it needed a bonus entry all to itself.

The Dabbing Gang

Rudolf, Santa, a snowman, Gingerbread man (yes we know a bit of a party crasher) all together attempting the dab; makes for a solid Christmas sweater. 

So folks, have you found the perfect dabbing style for yourself? More importantly, have you found the perfect dabbing sweater for yourself? Happy holidays y’all! 

Buyer’s Guide:

This article features a collection of ugly sweaters with images of various characters dabbing on them. If you are looking for something fun to wear in the winter, look no further.

What you need to know before buying:

The clothes being mentioned in this list can be worn by anyone belonging to any gender identity or even by people who choose to dissociate themselves from all genders. Feel free to wear anything.

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