Best Girls Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is incomplete without an ugly sweater. Yes you’ve decorated your tree and you have soft christmas carols playing in the background, cookies are baking and the eggnog is steaming but if you’re not wrapped in an ugly christmas sweater, can you really call it christmas over there?

Whether you want to be the best dressed at the party, or win the ugly christmas sweater contest or you simply just want the goofiest christmas photo, an ugly christmas sweater is the right fit for you.

Our quest to get you the best girl ugly Christmas sweater resulted in this round up of girls ugly Christmas sweaters.

Home Alone Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Amazon Box: B07F34J758


Nothing scream’s Christmas tradition as loud as streaming Home Alone with the fam. It gets better when everyone points at your sweater to say this iconic line from Home Alone.

Goodstoworld Light Up Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07YD4MGBC


How does one light up a Christmas party? By wearing this built-in colorful light bulb sweater that’s how! The best part is the dancing reindeers and Santa. No one can compete with that.

Glitter Lights Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Amazon Box:  B08FT4X158


You can’t spell Fab-Yule-ous without yule. Spread glitter and laughter this yuletide with this ugly Christmas sweater.

Merry Reindeer Knitted Sweaters

Amazon Box: B07GLFB1FR


What’s an ugly Christmas sweater without pom-poms? Plain boring is what it is. A sweater with pom-poms and Rudolph’s red nose popping out of it will win you the ugly Christmas sweater contest.

Olaf Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07VBLCM8W


“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Of course, we can’t leave all the snow for Elsa and Anna. How about you build your own Olaf in this ugly Christmas sweater?

Too Cute Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B08DKHP6YP


This one is for all the cute girls, which means your baby girls get one too! Get their friends to say “awww” during the girls’ ugly Christmas sweater sleepover.

Girls 3D Xmas Fleece Sweater

Amazon Box: B0768GNTP2


It may be an ugly Christmas sweater, but you can make a loud fashion statement in one of these. I mean, check out those glasses! It’s even better if you are a dog lover.

Girls’ Santa Riding Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07WFH8M8D


Girls love unicorns, but with Santa riding the unicorn on your Christmas sweater, you are going to be the talk of the party

Cold Crush Girls’ Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07VKCF9FG


So cute or snow cute? I can’t even tell. All I know is, this ugly Christmas sweater would look so cute on you. 

Marvel Girls Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07VKTDB7D


Even during Christmas, we need superheroes to keep us safe. With Iron Man and Captain America on your sweater, no monsters will get your Christmas cookies.

Dr Seuss Girls’ Ugly Christmas Crew Sweater

Amazon Box :‎ B07VSQQGNK


How can you discover the true secret of Christmas without Dr Seuss on your side? Plus, you get to receive presents without even asking. How cool is that?

Dabbing Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Amazon Box:‎ B07WCV2FB9


When the party’s theme is “Ugly Christmas Sweater.” there is only one way you can show up -ugly! With this dabbing Santa sweater, you’ll surely keep the party rocking.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07WJKJS6S


Looking at this sweater, I can’t help but imagine if Santa would have made a better stormtrooper. Who knows…but you can leave people wondering the same thing when you show up in this ugly Christmas sweater.

You in one of these sweaters will leave your girlfriends gawking at you all Christmas long. 

If you think these ugly Christmas sweaters won’t leave them in awe, then our special ugly sweater will do the magic trick.

T-Rex Santa Ride Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Amazon Box: B01M5BCQYB


We’ve seen Santa ride into town on reindeers and unicorns. This time, Santa copped a new ride -a T-Rex. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.

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