Best Women’s Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Christmas Ornaments staying on the Christmas tree and your rooftop is so old-fashioned. The in-thing is wearing a sweater with all ornaments on it.

From a cheerful Santa to Rudolph the rednosed reindeer, and even Christmas lights, wearing an ugly Christmas sweater with these decorations on it is what makes the festive season complete.

Where To Wear An Ugly Christmas Sweater

If it’s Christmas, then you don’t need a location. But if you have an ugly sweater contest to win or an ugly Christmas sweater-themed office party, then you have the perfect place to rock one in style.

As a curvy fashion-loving queen, it may seem like a hassle to find the most enchanting plus-size ugly Christmas sweater, but don’t sweat yourself about that, we’ve got you covered.

Where to Buy The Best Women’s Plus Size Ugly Christmas Sweater

When it comes to buying an ugly Christmas sweater, there are two major problems -the price and the size.

That’s why we’ve made a pocket-friendly list of the best women’s plus-size ugly Christmas sweaters for our plus-size queens that will get everyone’s head turning.

Meowy Catmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B01LB9J2T8


This one’s Christmasfor the cat lovers in the house. If the assignment says “cat mum ugly christmas sweater dress up” you’re certainly going to nail it with this sweater.

Nice is Boring Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B01LB9J2T8


You may not make it to Santa’s nice list, but your office colleagues will certainly crown you the life of the party. Who wouldn’t want that?

Reindeer Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07TFCN9KB


An ugly christmas sweater with a reindeer knitted on it can never go out of style. It’s a classic.

3D Adult Xmas Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B07WZS8H5W


If you’re leaving your kids at home, then this is the best sweater for your adult Christmas party. You could really set the mood with this sweater. Party theme -leave your kids at home!

All I Want For Christmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B01LB9J2T8


You could be mistaken for Mariah Carey in this ugly Christmas sweater, but I don’t think Mariah wants wine for Christmas. You, on the other hand, will be getting some fine wine with this sweater.

Floral Pleated Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box:  B08H4XN2L2


With this sweater, you’ll embody the Christmas spirit. I mean, it’s designed with Santa, gift boxes, Christmas trees, and even Frosty the snowman. What could scream ugly Christmas sweater louder than this?

Reindeer Knitted Ugly Christmas Sweater Hoodie

Amazon Box: B013NEK6HQ


Not every ugly Christmas sweater comes as a hoodie, but the best ones do. Check out this cute reindeer on this ugly sweater.

Pugs and Kisses Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Amazon Box: B01LB9J2T8


Everyone loves cheesy puns. Who wants hugs and kisses, when you can get pugs and kisses? Nothing cracks up an office Christmas party louder than a classic pun.

3D Light Bulb Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B085B6K8LD


With this sweater, everyone will understand the lyrics to David Guetta’s song ‘Light My Body Up.’ Not only will you be lighting up your body, but you’ll also be lighting some Christmas spirits. 

Tacky Tinsel Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: ‎ B013IMQ2SK


Tinsel, garland, the tree, and even the star at the top -oh my, how could I miss the suspenders? This ugly Christmas sweater screams tacky. It’s the right fit for you!

Mrs. Claus Ugly Christmas Sweater

Amazon Box: B074HPFHCT


If you are a fan of Mrs. Claus, this is the perfect sweater for you. Just make sure you have enough cookies and milk to keep the party elves going.

These are some of the best plus size ugly Christmas sweaters in the market. One of these would win you the ugly sweater contest, or “wow” your office party.


Before you make up your mind to get one, you should check out our personal favorite!

Ho Ho Ho Casual Tee Tunic Sweaters

Amazon Box: B07YJ1JS3S


If your ugly Christmas sweater has Santa, Christmas trees, snowman and even penguins, then you have the best ugly Christmas sweater there is. 

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