Best Kansas University Ugly Sweaters

Kansas Students where you at?! This one is for all the Kansas University students, both alumni or currently enrolled. They say that the college years are one of the best ones in a person’s life and rightfully so. The parties, the fun and the experiences you get to have are unlike any other. The best way to celebrate your campus is to buy some of its merch and what better thing to buy than sweaters? For your next photo shoot or reunion if you have graduated, we have the perfect choices!

  1. Kansas
  2. Ugly Christmas Sweater
  3. Patches
  4. She’s Grey
  5. She’s a Skier
  6. She’s Blue
  7. “Beak ‘em Hawks!”
  8. The Hawk

Buyer’s Guide:

This list has a collection of fun “ugly” KU themed sweaters for those of you who might want a couple to wear to parties or just for having a laugh.

What you need to know before buying:

These sweaters are classified based on the accepted norms of clothing practices observed at large in society, please feel free to choose any item of your liking irrespective of its classification.

KU Ugly Sweaters for Men:

Gents, are you committed to supporting your institute? If so, prove it by buying a sweater.

1.  Kansas

Kansas in bold letters; all that is needed. For our students who lie to keep things simple, this is the one for you.

2.  Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is a sweater you can wear to Christmas parties. KU represents!

3. Patches

You can never go wrong with a patch design when it comes to ugly sweaters.

KU Ugly Sweaters for Women:

Ladies, it’s time to represent your college! We have some cool choices for you to pick from.

1.  She’s Grey

If grey happens to be your go to color and you happen to go to KU, you are in luck my friend. This is a cool sweater!

2.  She’s a Skier

Although this sweater is shaped ideally for a skiing event, you can still wear it otherwise as well. Anything that has the KU logo is wearable no?

3.   She’s Blue

For our ladies who like to make bold statements with clothes, the gorgeous amalgam of blue tones on this flashy sweater is everything.

KU Ugly Sweaters: Vintage Edition

Kansas University has been around for so long, it only made sense to have a few vintage choices on here as well. If you are alumni, you might find these nostalgic.

1.  “Beak ‘em Hawks!”

Jayhawks just do it better. This statement sweater vest is a testament to the confidence KU students have always had.

2. The Hawk

Another “Beak ‘em hawks” statement, this one is a more precise design with the focus being on the huge hawk sprawled across the front.

The article unfortunately ends here but every ending is also a beginning to something new, like in this case it is the beginning of your shopping journey. Tell us which sweater you found to be the best! Go Hawks!! 

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