Best Warrior Ugly Sweaters

We don’t need to introduce the Golden State Warriors because anyone who has even heard of football knows who the warriors are. 

They are one of the most famous teams in the NBA, and rightfully so. 

If you are a fan or you know a fan, we have found some of the best Warrior ugly sweaters! 

Support your team the right way. Next time you watch the game, or better yet happen to see it live, make sure you sport one of these baddies! 

  1. Classics
  2. The Bougie
  3. The Colorful Warrior
  4. The Vintage Warrior
  5. The 3D Sweater
  6. Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater
  7.  Light-up Warriors

Buyer’s Guide:

This list has some of the coolest ugly sweaters available in the market for warrior fans. We have something for both men and women.

What you need to know before you buy:

This list is just our attempt to bring together some cool sweaters for all of you based on generally accepted norms of clothing preferences; in no shape or form are we suggesting that this classification is fixed. Feel free to get anything from the list.

Warriors Ugly Sweaters for Women:

We know the ladies love the Warriors just as much as the men if not more. Now show your support the appropriate way!


If you’re the kind of woman to go for simple and precise designs, this is just the right pick for you. A plain blue background, some snowflakes and the Warriors logo make the perfect sweater.

 The Bougie

If you’re the one to go for a more vibrant look, this is the ugly sweater for you! The perfect ugly sweater for the colorful gal!

Warriors Ugly Sweaters for Men:

Gear up Warrior fans, we have brought you the perfect sweaters.

1.   The Colorful Warrior

For the man who likes to keep things bright and fun and Warrior style, this is the right sweater; just the right amount of ugly and fandom if you ask us.

The Vintage Warrior

For those of you with old souls and an affinity for the vintage, we have just the right fit. Support your team’s old school style.

Christmas Special:

The 3D Sweater

When we say we have the sweater of the sweaters we don’t take the matter lightly. Don this bad boy if you call yourself a true fan this holiday season; the removable 3D pieces are our favourite part.

Traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater

Some people like to keep things according to tradition. This will be just the right choice.


The Warriors deserve their own bonus entry; they have more than earned it.

Light-up Warriors

On every basket, light up your sweater to let everyone know that you are the ultimate Warrior fan; assert your dominance!

If you have made it here, we just know you’ve picked out your favorite sweater. 

We hope you wear these babies during the next game season to support your team. Moreover it’s always good to have some fun with your clothes, the world could use some smiles. 

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