Best Ugly Grinch Sweaters

The Grinch has admittedly stolen Christmas but he didn’t stop there, for he has also stolen the concept of ugly sweaters and made them his own! 

This holiday season, choose the Grinch as your sweater pattern because it’s no use to fight against him.

  1. The Grinch Who Stole Santa
  2. The Grinch Takes Over
  3. “Define Naughty”
  4. Resting Grinch Face
  5. The Grinch Tries to Be Santa
  6. The Grinch Guest Starring Doctor Seuss
  7. Green and Red
  8. Kids Define Naughty

Buyer’s Guide:

This list has some of the best sweaters which don the Grinch. 

Whether you’re looking to make people chuckle or to have a little fun with your attire during holiday season, you will find the right fit here.

What you need to know before buying:

This list does not aim at defining gender expression for anyone. We only listed items according to the generally accepted notions of dressing among males and females. 

Feel free to choose any item to your liking irrespective of the classification.

Ugly Grinch Sweaters for Men:

All of you men who have a soft spot for Dr. Seuss’s Grinch, we have come to give you your heart’s desires.

The Grinch Who Stole Santa

It does not get any cooler (and uglier) than the Grinch’s arm seizing Santa. This 3D version of the concept will surely turn heads.

The Grinch Takes Over

This statement sweater will let everyone know that you are a simple man who appreciates simply defined concepts. The Grinch is the concept.

Ugly Grinch Sweaters for Women:

Ladies, if you enjoy the Grinch, you will enjoy these sweaters!

“Define Naughty”

We all use the term naughty to define each other yet we rarely stop to ponder, what does it mean truly?

Resting Grinch Face

A very punny take on the classic phrase, resting Grinch face should be the official face of this holiday season.

Ugly Grinch Sweaters for Both:

Here are some choices for everyone! The Grinch believes in equality, surprisingly.

The Grinch Tries to Be Santa

I mean first this guy decides to steal Christmas and if that wasn’t enough, he tries to steal Santa’s identity. This will be the year’s biggest identity theft case.

The Grinch Guest Starring Doctor Seuss

An ode to the man responsible for the menace that is the Grinch, this sweater is for the OG fans.

Ugly Grinch Sweaters for Toddlers:

The Grinch is always such a favorite story for kids. So we decided to include some choices for the little ones as well!

Green and Red

This sweater has the classic Christmas colors and the classic Grinch; need we say any more? Your child will surely be the cause of envy.

Kids Define Naughty

Same as the “define naughty” sweater in the collection for women above, this sweater comes in kid size too!

So hopefully if you are at this point the Grinch has stolen your heart and your money as well for this holiday season! 

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