Best Miller Lite Ugly Sweaters

Holidays are just not complete without some good old beer, are they? Miller Lite is a popular brand, loved by many and probably by you too since you’re here. Everyone drinks beer but does everyone have a sweater with a beer? No, but you can change that. This holiday season, have a beer on your ugly sweater and in your hand to get in the true spirits!

  1. The Huge Snow Flake
  2. The Huge Snow Flake With the Lite Can
  3. The ‘Lite’ Globe
  4. The Miller Gift
  5. Blue and White
  6. Reindeer Lite

Buyer’s Guide:

This is a very fun collection for those who love Miller Lite just a little too much. It’s ok, we don’t judge! We have found some cute “ugly” sweaters for the coming holiday season so that you can have some fun with your clothes! Celebrate Christmas with some beers on your clothes. 

What you need to know before buying:

This list contains holiday sweaters specifically because all of the Miller Lite sweaters we found were holiday themed. The sweaters in this list can be worn by anyone identifying as any gender.

Miller Lite Ugly Sweaters- Holiday Edition:

Holidays are such a fun time to dress up. Keeping that in mind, we decided to increase the fun factor by bringing you really cool sweaters with your favorite beer on them. Take a look!

1.   The Huge Snow Flake

If any of you has an affinity for snowflakes and beer, this is the ideal sweater for you; a perfectly ugly sweater for the holidays.

2.   The Huge Snow Flake With the Lite Can

If you want to make the product placement even obvious, this one has a huge Lite can in the middle of the huge snowflake on the front. Wish granted.

3.   The ‘Lite’ Globe

Snow globes are mainstream, try a Lite globe. This ugly sweater has the right amount of snow, beer and Christmas effect for the holidays.

4.   The Miller Gift

Okay we have to admit this one is sort of cute but don’t worry, the ugly is still very much there. Wear this sweater if you feel a little extra this holiday season with the presents.

5.   Blue and White

This sweater also has a very broad strip of plain white as the base along with the traditional blue like the others just in case you want to turn a notch down on the colors.

Bonus Entry:

1.   Reindeer Lite

We saved the best for the last. How adorable is the can of Miller Lite all adorned with reindeer horns and Christmas lights? For those of you who like to shine bright, this is our Christmas gift to you, as long as you pay for it of course.

Well here we are folks! Nobody says folks anymore and no one wears beer sweaters; change that by setting the trend again. This Christmas, pop open a cold one with the boys and also flex a cold one on your sweaters. Happy holidays! 

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