Best Steve Harvey Ugly Sweaters

Who here is not a fan of Steve Harvey? The man is such a legend. Even if you aren’t a follower of his professional work, you have to admit that every time you stumble upon his show or interview or social media snippets, you can’t help but smile because his energy is just so wholesome. One of the finest entertainers in the business and one of the kindest humans, Uncle Steve has a home in so many hearts. We just have to have sweaters featuring the one and only Steve Harvey! Here are some of the best sweaters we found with Mr. Harvey’s beautiful face.

  1.  Steve and Thunder
  2. Steve Laughing
  3. Merry Christmas (red)
  4. Merry Christmas (green)
  5.  Steve Will Help You Find Christmas
  6. “Merry Easter!”

Here’s what you need to consider before buying:

  • This article is in no way an attempt to hurt any sentiments. By “ugly sweaters” we mean the style of the sweater and not the person being featured on it.
  •  Steve Harvey is one of the most renowned TV personalities. This article is purely for entertainment purposes, not for any defamation.

Steve’s Face:

Is there any point of making the effort of buying a Steve Harvey sweater which doesn’t focus on his head? Not quite; here are our picks.

1.   Steve and Thunder

That dazzling smile and accompanying thunder is the exact combo you need to make this the best ugly sweater for some laughs. Who knows, it might even be the next fashion statement if paired nicely with your outfit.

2.   Steve Laughing

It’s an absolutely cheeky laugh Mr. Harvey gives when he says one of his classic jokes. Sometimes his laugh overtakes the joke as the reason for inflicting laughter. Celebrate the moment with this sweater!

Steve Wishes You Christmas:

What more is needed? Don these sweaters so that everyone you meet gets a special greeting from the man himself.

1.   Merry Christmas (red)

For those of you who like to go towards red on Christmas, this one is perfect for you!

2.   Merry Christmas (green)

Those of you who levitate more towards green for Christmas colors, we have the perfect sweater for you.

3.   Steve Will Help You Find Christmas

Featuring a younger Steve, this ugly sweater will be great for the next Christmas party you attend.

Bonus Entry:

1.   “Merry Easter!”

You know we had to cash one of the best and most memorable meme moments of Steve’s career. For those of you who might be living under a rock, back in 2015 Steve Harvey hosted the Miss Universe pageant and called the wrong woman’s name for the winning position. So naturally the sweater makes fun of that moment by replacing “Christmas” with “Easter”.

We hope you enjoyed looking at Mr. Harvey’s face on sweaters instead of on television. If you’re a fan, you need to add an ugly sweater to your collection and wear it as soon as the occasion presents itself. After all, he is one of America’s finest entertainers. 

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