Best Ugly DBZ Sweaters

Dragon Ball Z has become such an underrated anime gem! But we know there are some true fans of the series and that is why we have compiled this list over here to help you find just the right ugly sweater to channel your love for the characters of the DBZ universe!

  1.  Classic Kamehameha
  2. The OG Goku
  3. Kid Goku
  4. Goku’s Silhouette
  5. Super Saiyan
  6. The Iconic Spirit Bomb
  7. DBZ Kids Celebrate Christmas
  8. “We Are the Christmas Tree”
  9. Vegeta

Buyer’s Guide:

In this list you will find the latest designs in the market which feature Dragon Ball Z. interestingly not many “sweaters” are available in the market. But you don’t have to worry for we are here to help you find the best sweater!

What you need to know before buying:

The aim of this article is to compile together all the available options in sweaters, anyone who is anyone is welcome to try out the articles irrespective of gender.

Ugly DBZ Sweaters for Men:

1.   Classic Kamehameha

Sometimes it’s wise to go back to the classics, and what is more classic than the iconic Kamehameha fireball?

Goku Edition:

Goku has to be every fan’s favourite character. You just can’t dislike the dude. He’s charming, strong and the one of the finest protagonists to any story!

1.   The OG Goku

Classic Goku on a classic ugly sweater! That’s your way to being the center of attention at the next anime con.

2.   Kid Goku

We have not forgotten about Goku when he was a kid. Have you?

3.   Goku’s Silhouette

On this ugly sweater, you have the man himself (more specifically his silhouette) surrounded by dragon balls!

4.   Super Saiyan

One of the most awaited moments in any fight scene from DBZ was the Super Saiyan mode the fighters achieved. Well, now you too can be one.

5.   The Iconic Spirit Bomb

All the fans know this, every time Goku hit us with a spirit bomb we had goosebumps. Just pure magic, those scenes were.

Ugly DBZ Sweaters featuring the gang:

There were so many others who made DBZ amazing. Though we could not find many sweaters with individual characters, we did find some cool ones which show all the important characters from the show.

1.   DBZ Kids Celebrate Christmas

Here’s the kid version of all of the OG Dragon Ball Z characters surrounding Master Roshi or Santa Roshi. Look at baby Piccolo! 

2.   “We Are the Christmas Tree”

Here you can see the entire cartoon cast forming the Christmas tree. They also have their younger selves with them; some trippy DBZ Christmas!

Bonus Entry:

1.   Vegeta

How cool and wildly misunderstood was Vegeta? Though not the favourite for many, you cannot deny the air of excellence this dude had. He owned the screen during his scenes. An ode to our favorite anti-hero, Vegeta!

Here we are guys, at the end of our anime journey. Hopefully you found just the perfect sweater for yourselves for whatever occasion you needed one for. If you’re a true DBZ fan, get all of them! There aren’t many to begin with.  

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