Best Conor McGregor Ugly Sweaters

Conor McGregor is one of the most notorious fighters in the world. Whether you know him for his UFC championship, his career or his famous potty mouth, you have to agree that McGregor has carved a permanent name for himself in the hearts of many. After all, he is the world’s biggest martial arts star. A little birdy told us that you happen to be looking for some ugly sweaters which feature the fighter; say no more for we have what you want.

  1.  “Merry F***** Christmas”
  2. You Don’t Get a Merry Christmas
  3. The Ugliest of The Sweaters

Buyer’s Guide

Unfortunately there aren’t many varieties for “ugly sweaters” in the category of McGregor; there are many T-shirts and other apparel available but when it comes to sweaters, it’s the same designs everywhere. So to save you time, we have mentioned them here.

What you need to know before buying:

Because there is so little choice available in this section, the one’s we found fit into the men’s clothing according to generally accepted clothing norms. Please feel free to use these sweaters irrespective of your gender identification.

Conor Wishes You Christmas, Conor Style:

What fun is there to a Christmas wish from Conor if we are going to tailor it or make it more, appropriate for a lack of better words? It just won’t do him justice.

1.  “Merry F***** Christmas”

It’s a sweater featuring Mr. McGregor yelling at the top of his lungs all the while wearing a Santa hat. It just would not be completely wholesome any other way!

Conor Is Not So Much into the Wishing Concept:

1. You Don’t Get a Merry Christmas

I mean do you seriously expect Conor to just simply wish you a merry Christmas? Nah, very unlikely. In fact this sweater is more accurate in terms of representing what actually would go down.

The Extremely Ugly and Desirable Sweater:

We could not find many alternatives but we did manage to stay true to our claims of scavenging for the ugliest of the bunch. Get ready for this one. It is more than what you bargained for in your expectations.

1.   The Ugliest of The Sweaters

Where do we start with this one? The grotesque silver streamers, the huge lights and Mr. Conor wearing a face mask keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic; this is the ultimate sweater for the ultimate Conor McGregor fan. If you ever get a chance to meet the man in the flesh, please wear this and record his reaction. It’ll be a hit on YouTube.

So have you found your heart’s desire? We understand it’s not very fun when there isn’t much to choose from, but something is definitely better than nothing. There is no way we are willing to believe that you skipped past the last sweater without adding it to your cart; it’s just not possible. Happy shopping to you, make sure you pick something before Conor’s next fight! 

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